Sunday, March 24, 2013

I almost never take the time to write reviews for products I buy, but I’ve noticed that lately a lot of people have been wondering if the penis extender called Male Edge is a scam or if it’s legit.

everything you need is included
This is the one I got - The male edge extra
If you’d like to know the truth about Male Edge before you take out your credit card, then you’re going to want to read every word of this Male Edge Review.
Now as you know, penis enlargement has always been an embarrassing thing to discuss or consider.

And I have to admit I was very skeptical when I first came across the male edge website a few months ago.
But I decided that I was going to try one more product, and if it didn’t work, I would be done with wasting my money on penis enlargement gimmicks.

Now before I considered penis extenders I had tried three different male enhancement products – extenze pills, maxoderm cream and the pro-enhance patch but none had gotten me any results.

I learned about Male Edge while browsing online and read that many men all over the world are using this special device to improve their penis size, and ultimately, their sex lives and confidence.

So I clicked the link that took me to the MaleEdge website and to be honest – I was completely skeptical. 

But hey, I had every right to be, after trying three different penis enlargement methods and seeing absolutely no results.

After doing some research and reading all the male edge testimonials and then discovering that they have a solid double your money-back guarantee.  I decided to give male edge a chance. 

My thinking was that if it didn’t work after a couple months I’d just return it, get a twice my money back and never spend a dime on penis enlargement products ever again.

So..... did I send The Male Edge back for a refund?

The answer to that question is NO WAY!

Does male edge really work?

Oh yes it does!

The results I got from using male edge device were nothing short of amazing. I mean, I didn’t really see much improvement during the first week or two, but by the end of the sixth week that I had been using the extender my penis length increased half an inch!

At this rate I should be able to add another inch in about 3 months and from what I've read these male edge results are typical.

Now the one thing I don't like is: 

It's Made of Plastic
An all metal construction would definitely be stronger and should last a lifetime, and I was having second thoughts but after using it for 6 weeks, the design seems solid and strong. It is pretty light when you hold it but I don't for-see any problems.. If I do, I'll reports my findings here.

Now the three things I love about the Male Edge are:

1. It's Affordable -
You won't have to burn a hole in your wallet to pick one up. Just $179.00, unlike pills or creams there is no costly recurring monthly charge and it only costs about half the price many other so called "top" extenders on the market. You could get started right away growing your member.

2. It's Comfortable and Powerful -

Big things do come in small packages.

Although the edge may not be as well known as the other "big players" like sizegenetics or jes extender, it's great design allows the male edge to produce a class leading 6lbs of traction force at the maximum setting for faster penis enlargement.
And the Male Edge's modern strap design spreads "the grip"  over a larger area, allowing for greater blood flow to your penis head during traction making it one of the most comfortable extenders you'll ever put on.

Growth is directly proportional to the force applied and the time you wear the extender, so the Male Edge easily gets you to your enlargement goals much, much faster than the other extenders out there.

2. Totally Discreet Shipping and Billing -

plain old cardboard box
This is the shipping label - description says "toy made of plastic"

Not only does the extender get you great results, but it’s also from a great company - Danamedic.

With ridiculously fast, discreet shipping and billing and awesome customer service, if you buy any product other than Male Edge, you’re making a big mistake, and w
ith a 200% money-back guarantee you’ve got absolutely nothing to lose and inches to gain!

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